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Electricity 101

Here is a job where we had to restore electricity to a garage in Hyde Park. The old electrical feed had been a bare cable laid in the dirt just below the surface. As often happens, it became damaged and the garage lost it's power. That made it rough on my clients since neither the lights nor the electric garage door opener worked! We were able to dig a new trench from the back of the house to the garage. We curved our trench to avoid the flower beds and bushes. The trench is 18" deep to give good protection for the conduit, and we pulled all the wiring necessary to restore the power, plus an extra "spare" wire. Good to have an extra for the future. Just in case. After the trench was back-filled, the yard was back to normal. Add a little grass seed in the Spring, and it will be as if we were never there. Except that now the garage door opener and lights work!

Electrical Safety. Service Upgrades. New Circuit Breakers. Eliminating Cloth-covered wire. And so much more! Contact your favorite Hyde Park Electrician Today!