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Total Rewire of 100 year old Vitage Condo in Hyde Park

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 12:09 PM
Very vintage wiring, Hyde Park Electrician Vintage cloth-covered wire replaced by Hyde Park Electrician!Total rewire, new outlets, circuit breakers, 220-volt circuits. Hyde park Electrician
Just getting a minute to catch our breath....The Summer sure is the busy season for us, (Thankfully!) We totally rewired this vintage condo in Hyde park in May. There was a lot of old, cloth-covered wire that was falling apart in the walls. Most of the outlets were not grounded, of course, and there were many light fixtures that had a simple pull string to turn them on. We upgraded the circuit breaker panel and added many circuits, including the AFCI circuits that code mandates for all bedroom outlets. We hit the budget exactly, and finished early. We even installed 220V. power on the roof for a space-pack AC system that they added in the last 2 days of the job. Great job, Guys!

Here's one for the Museum of electricity....Check ot this rotary on/off switch. Circa...hmm...1920? 1930?  I also discovered 4 generations of low voltage transformers in the building. I'll post those later.

And on a personal note, the clients were the easiest people in the world to work with. They were patient and kind. And best of all, my Daughter made a new friend!

Categories: Total rewires